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Thaddeus Tertius Cranston (Born July 19,1964) is a singer, songwriter, record producer, record label owner, event producer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, Sci-Fi Fan and naturalist.  

He is most noted for his endeavors with Indie record label EVREC Productions. (Everything Records 1991-2006) As president of EVREC, he maintained business operations alongside partners Monica Cieri and Jimi Beach.   Cranston continues to work within the Surf and Entertainment industries.


Early Life

Cranston was born in Sandusky, Ohio 1964. As a young man, Thads’ father (Neale)  visited the Hawaiian Islands where he was introduced to the magic of the ocean and Surfing.  Neale also spent a few winters surfing in Daytona Beach fL.  This connection with the sea led Neale and his brother Gus to uproot their families from Ohio to Melbourne, Florida in October, 1965.  Both Gus and Neale taught classes at Satellite Beach high school.  In 1970, Neale  moved his family north to the city of Titusville, FL.  This move cut down the drive time to his new job at the Kennedy Space Center.  This relocation kicked off  Thads’ relationship with nearby Playalinda Beach, which is nestled within 140,000 acres of the Canaveral National Seashore.

The many wildlife refuges and ranch lands which surrounded the small town of Titusville offered up great outdoor experiences. 

The main road which leads into Titusvilles' downtown area is called Garden Street, this name speaks to one of Cranstons' other passions, organic gardening.  Growing up in the 70s meant there were many gardening gurus who shared their enthusiasm and knowledge with young Thaddeus. 

In 1975 Thad was badly burned in an explosion caused by a blasting cap accident.  He was also into BMX biking, skateboarding, and art.

Thaddeus is a  fan of Science Fiction.  He remembers scanning the  Sunday morning newspapers to find each new weeks' upcoming Sci-Fi films.  The television series The Outer Limits and Creature Feature (Dr Paul Bearer) made lasting impressions on him. Thad's mother and father hold black belts in Yoshukai karate. Thaddeus trained with his father, Neale Robert Cranston, Mamoru Yamamoto, Michael G. Foster, Ray Zaragoza Sr and Hiroshige Taguchi.

The Cranston home was close enough to the towns' football field (Draa field) to hear High School Bands’ music and drumming  during football season. Thads' parents  nurtured his  aptitudes' for art and music with some classes and various teachers including Ron Youmans. The Titusville Art League was a short walk from his home. The Cranston family celebrates their Scottish heritage. Thaddeus attended the School of Scottish Arts in Banner Elk, North Carolina 1978,1979,1980.  He also attended the Balmoral School of Scottish Studies in 1981. It is here that he trained in traditional pipe band drumming. (Double Snare)  His teachers included, Alex Duthart, Tim Gladden, Steve Sutherland, John Quig and Tom Kee.

In his senior year at Astronaut High School, Thaddeus had his poetry published in the National Anthology of Poetry.

After graduating high school in 1982, Thaddeus managed Playalinda Surf & Sport  with owner Keith Lyerly.  Together they organized and executed the first Professional Surf Contest at Playalinda Beach.  Some Athletes in attendance-Matt Kechele, Bob Rohmann & Kelly Slater. 

During this time, Thaddeus earned the degree of Associate in Arts while attending  Brevard Community College.

In January 1990 Thaddeus completed the Midi (musical instrument digital interface) Music Course at Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts. Upon completion of the course he purchased an Ensoniq Performance Sampler/sequencer(EPS16+), a sample library from Rubbber Chicken software (Chicken Systems inc), a Roland PM 16 midi trigger interface/midi brain, an Emu Procussion Rackmount Rompler, and an Octapad electronic percussion controller.  Cranston then began writing, singing and jamming with his brother Nate (Guitar) and best friend Jimi Beach (bass).  This chemistry led the trio on a search for a full time drummer ( Patrick Wilkey), whom they met at La La Palooza in Orlando FL on 7/28/1993.  This 4 person Alt/Rock band became “Lo Presher”.

Inspired by Kraftwerk, Sheila E and Front 242, Beach and Cranston created a series of DIY electronic percussion instruments that brought a fresh dynamic to Lo Presher's live show.  All sounds and samples heard on Lopresher's albums were played live on stage, on the Spike Stands (as the instruments were called).

During the mid 1980s Thaddeus struck a solid friendship with Kelsey's Pizza owner Nick “Big Nick” Iltsopolus.  In the early 1990s, Nick and his family helped to facilitate the recording of Lo Preshers' first studio album with Dana Cornock at Wolfs Head Productions in Orlando,FL.  Nick also provided essential connections to the entertainment industry which accelerated the groups momentum.



The infrastructure which managed Lo Preshers interests included;

Beach/Cranston with EVREC Productions(Record label) and IsobarPublishing,

Jim Hayek (Management) Monica Cieri (Administration & Tour Management) Wayne Tourville (Sound Engineer) & Greg Galloway (Legal)

Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s Cranstons' label EVREC Productions tracked albums at different studios and also at Full Sail School of Recording and Music. During this time an old outbuilding in Mims Florida was tuned up and morphed from rehearsal space to a multi-track Recording Studio, (Syck Smile Studios) EVREC Productions also managed various acts and conceptualized/hosted regional & nation events.

EVREC was commissioned to create audio for the television commercial which first introduced the Space Coast Area Transit system.  Patty Patch of Patch Communications is credited with connecting Cranston to the job opportunity.

EVRECs' artist roster included Lo Presher, Indium, Talent Scam, Social Ghost, DJ Emprov.



ASCAP, Isobar Publishing, Surfrider Foundation, Ocean Aid ,New School Drop Outs, Bong Vodka, Bristin Crockett, Jim Hayek, Dana Cornock, Marty Ogden, Jay Stanley Productions, Eric Von Lugo, Organized Noise, James Paul Wisner, Damea Dorsey, Kevin Lyman, David Mirsky, BlenderLive Music, Bong Water Taffy, Hard Rock Cafe, House of Blues, The Groove Tube, The Hustler Indiatlantic FL, Sanuk, Brad Beach, Rip Curl, Sonny Miller, Kevin Welsh, Surf NRG videos, Yaga Clothing, Reef, Liquid Force, Jenko, DJ Versa-Style, DJ Chang, Wave Riding Vehicles, House of Blues, Hard Rock Cafe, Axis Magazine, Oakley Sunglasses, Jagermeister, DC Surfboards, Real Radio 104.1,101.1 WJRR, WPRK 95.5, WFIT radio, Vans Warped Tour, Vans, Full Sail studios, Donovan Frankenreiter, Tom Curren and Andy Hughs.


Personal life


Thaddeus enjoys listening, and cruising.  Intensity and long term achievements resonate with his well being. He enjoys time with family and friends, time outdoors, time in the oceans, time spent gardening, and time spent jamming.  Art and music are his staples.   He enjoys meeting people, taking on challenges, helping out with Charitable causes/UP lift programs, and learning new things. 


 Thaddeus is at present working  on projects with;


 Frank Robb (Crocodilian Specialist/Public Figure/EEARSS)

 Andy Carr of SYCK TRIX (Inventor, Entrepreneur)

 Coach Post (Surf Coach/Public Figure)

 Ryan Oldenettle (Music Producer)

 David Lesky (Artist)

Alex Robertson (Herpetologist,Tour Guide)

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